The Positive Effects of Nature

Today, I spent the morning hiking in the local mountains. I can't help but notice how my mood and energy has shifted. Many studies have been conducted on the positive effects of nature on mental well being. For those of you interested, I wanted to share a short article that explains the how and why of this phenomena.

"It is highly advisable to try to walk through a natural environment on a regular basis. Because exercise is important to the health of your brain and body, it’s efficient to combine being in nature with jogging, or walking your dog, if you have one.

If you’re living in the city, look for a nearby natural environment. Get out in nature by finding a quiet spot to read a book, taking a walk or a jog on a hiking trail, or gardening in your yard or a community garden. By setting regular times to expose yourself to nature, you can make this into a routine. Use this routine for relaxing your mind and seeing things from a different perspective by being somewhere else."

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